Saturday, July 2, 2011

Wild Animals and Trampolines

Kids playing on the trampoline may sometimes encounter wildlife, so parents should keep an eye on kids when they are outdoors. It is not a common occurence, but for instance a woman in Upstate New York reported that a fox jumped up onto the trampoline where her 3-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son were playing and bit thenm as they were jumping on their outdoor trampoline.

"The gray fox jumped onto the trampoline and bit the girl's legs and her son's left arm several times." The woman's son finally grabbed the fox and threw it off the trampoline. Test for rabies are underway.

It is best to cut long grass and remove debris around the trampoline where wildlife can hide to make the area less appealing for them. As always, don't leave open food containers outdoors which attracts them in the first place.

Enjoy a safe summer on your outdoor trampoline!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Anchor Trampolines to Avoid them Blowing Away in the Wind

Although trampolines look like large items in the yard, they are actually quite aerodynamic once a good wind catches them. A large flat surface with heavy winds rushing in underneath can create the lift needed to fly across the yard creating damage and even injury.

Recently in Chase County, a resident named Tosha Dains observed an upside down trampoline in the yard. It had been moved from on top of a van where it came to rest after being blown across the yard. The trampoline was not tied down with trampoline ties but they were fortunate nobody was hurt. This particular storm in Elmsdale downed trees and power lines, but you never know when such a powerful storm will roll through, so it is best to get some trampoline ties and secure the trampoline.

Dains did mention that they received a lot of wind and rain along with some pea-sized hail and that the last few times the trampoline was not blown away, but this time is different. So tie down those trampolines!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Trampoline Anchors Keep Them From Blowing Away

Have you ever had a trampoline fly by your living room window during a wind storm? It has happened to me twice. Wind can pick up any flat sided object even if very large such as hot tub covers and of course trampolines.

The trampoline that I witnessed going airborne was a large oval 9x12 foot free standing unit with a solid metal frame made of thick 3 inch pipe and supported by
metal leg sections.

Trampoline anchors can help hold down a trampoline to withstand stronger winds. A proper Trampoline Anchor Kit comes with augers that twist into the ground for support along with
sturdy straps.

By securing a trampoline, the danger of damage to persons or property because of an out of control, flying trampoline can be greatly reduced. Anchors also help keep the trampoline from moving around during use.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Water Trampoline is the New Craze

Water Trampoline

The latest water craze is the inflatable water trampoline that comes in many shapes and sizes. Water inflatables are fun on lakes and anywhere you have a little more room. Some have even used smaller versions in swimming pools, but you have to watch the edges!

There are a few differences between the water trampoline and the so-called water bouncer. Water bouncers are the smaller ones and cheaper too. You can't go as high, but in a pool or smaller water area, that is a good thing. Bouncers have nets that attach right to the inflatable tube, but the better water trampolines actually have springs and the netting attaches to them. So for serious jumpers, the water trampoline is the way to go.

You can get attachments for them such as slides or ladders. If you want to try one out, you can rent water trampolines by the day or week in your local town and see if the expense of buying one is justified.

Water trampolines can get holes in them, so be prepared by having a patch kit on hand just in case.

For a really high end water trampoline check out Sports Tramp H20- 264

When installing a water trampoline you can check with your local regulations regarding where to mount them. Away from the dock or shore is a good start! It should not be in the way of boats to create a navigational or safety hazard. The swim raft is usually anchored to the floor of the lake by ropes, cables, chain or other materials.

Have fun on your water trampoline!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Trampoline Shoes Trampoline Myths

Trampoline shoes can be found in most sports stores. Some brands include Milano. Most trampolinists use professional trampoline shoes and not barefoot. In fact trampoline shoes are regular tennis shoes. There are many myths associated with the trampoline sport including people asking questions like will bouncing on a trampoline make me taller?

One thing is for sure, mastering trampoline moves is actually harder than it looks and requires hours of dedication and practise.

Some hand tips including getting off of the trampoline facing backwards to avoid tripping and injury and definitely no going underneath the trampoline!
For smaller kids it is good to take precautions such as not allowing any toys or other objects on the trampoline that could bounce back to hurt someone.
If there is arguing as to trampoline useage, a timer with a buzzer is a good investment.

Trampoline is a great sport for all ages if you use common sense to prevent injuries.
Have fun bouncing!